Ali Kagalwala
Political Scientist
Texas A&M University


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Hello! I am a PhD Candidate in Political Science at Texas A&M University. My fields of interest are Political Methodology and Political Economy. My research interests include policymaking, polarization, time series analysis, spatial econometrics, cross-section time-series analysis, and models for compositional outcomes. My work has been published in the American Political Science Review and The Stata Journal. Prior to graduate school, I received my B.S. in Political Science from Texas A&M University with cum laude honors and Phi Beta Kappa distinction (December 2016). In my free time, I enjoy reading and yoga.

Below, you can find information about projects I have recently worked on and selected projects I am currently working on. You can find a more detailed account of my research and teaching in my CV.

Peer-reviewed Publications


What's Your Problem? How Issue Ownership and Partisan Discourse Influence Personal Concerns (with Andrea Junqueira and Christine S. Lipsmeyer).
Social Science Quarterly. Forthcoming.

kpsstest: A Command That Implements The Kwiatkowski, Phillips, Schmidt, And Shin Test With Sample-Specific Critical Values And Reports p-Values.
The Stata Journal 22(2): 269-292.


What About the Rest of the Pie? A Dynamic Compositional Approach to Modeling Inequality (with Andrew Q. Philips and Guy D. Whitten).
Social Science Quarterly 102(4): 1534-1552.

When Unfamiliarity Breeds Contempt: How Partisan Selective Exposure Sustains Oppositional Media Hostility (with Erik Peterson).
American Political Science Review 115(2): 585-598.

Selected Working Papers

The Answer Was There All Along: Worry About the Dynamics! (with Guy D. Whitten.)

The Politics of School Funding: How State Political Ideology is Associated with the Allocation of Revenue to School Districts (with Nathan Favero).

Learning from Simulations: How Do We Know What We Know? (with Vincent Hopkins, Andrew Q. Philips, Mark Pickup, and Guy D. Whitten).