Ali Kagalwala
Political Scientist
Texas A&M University


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Hello! I am a PhD Candidate in Political Science at Texas A&M University. My fields of interest are Political Methodology and Political Economy. My research interests include policymaking, polarization, time series analysis, spatial econometrics, cross-section time-series analysis, and models for compositional outcomes. My work has been published in the American Political Science Review and The Stata Journal. Prior to graduate school, I received my B.S. in Political Science from Texas A&M University with cum laude honors and Phi Beta Kappa distinction (December 2016). In my free time, I enjoy reading and yoga.

Below, you can find information about projects I have recently worked on and selected projects I am currently working on. You can find a more detailed account of my research and teaching in my CV.

Peer-reviewed Publications


Learning from Simulations: How Do We Know What We Know? (with Vincent Hopkins, Andrew Q. Philips, Mark Pickup, and Guy D. Whitten).
The Journal of Politics. Conditionally accepted.


What's Your Problem? How Issue Ownership and Partisan Discourse Influence Personal Concerns (with Andrea Junqueira and Christine S. Lipsmeyer).
Social Science Quarterly. Forthcoming.

kpsstest: A Command That Implements The Kwiatkowski, Phillips, Schmidt, And Shin Test With Sample-Specific Critical Values And Reports p-Values.
The Stata Journal 22(2): 269-292.


What About the Rest of the Pie? A Dynamic Compositional Approach to Modeling Inequality (with Andrew Q. Philips and Guy D. Whitten).
Social Science Quarterly 102(4): 1534-1552.

When Unfamiliarity Breeds Contempt: How Partisan Selective Exposure Sustains Oppositional Media Hostility (with Erik Peterson).
American Political Science Review 115(2): 585-598.

Selected Working Papers

The Answer Was There All Along: Worry About the Dynamics! (with Guy D. Whitten.)

The Politics of School Funding: How State Political Ideology is Associated with the Allocation of Revenue to School Districts (with Nathan Favero).